Laurel Valley White Water Run
August 11, 2012
6.00 AM
Distance:  31, 34.7, 40 miles (depends on which measurement you use
Registration:  $35.00 The $35.00 helps cover insurance, permits, , and my expenses for the weekend.  There will be refreshments at the
finish.  Veteran Sweeps Registration Fees are Waived.   Veteran means prior LV Finisher but still must register.
Aid:  There are many streams on the course and water purifying tablets are advised.  I will offer nothing but advice.  Several
runners have gotten gut-wrenching Giardia by drinking out ot the streams.
Most Recent Ultra and time:__________________Training miles per week_____________Sweeps - List your 50 miler________
Mail to: Claude Sinclair, 4573 Old Church Road, Lancaster, SC 29720
Phone: 803-286-8388      E-Mail clsinclair@comporium
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For Laurel Valley Veterans
Only!!!! LIMIT 50 RUNNERS.
How many Laurel Valley Races have you
DEADLINE:  07/15/2012 or 50
runners. Late applications will be
5:00 AM for 11+ Hour Runners
NEW!  You must qualify for this run.  New runners  must have finished a 50 miler 12 months prior to this run and under 13
hours. Veterans will be approved according to their training.  For 2011 I will be turning down runners that I feel that can't
finish in 12 hours.    For this race to continue I must have everyone off the course prior to the White Water Falls Park
closing.  New Sweeps must
have met the 50 miler qualification. I am now having to work with the National Park
personal to continue this run.  I must have insurance, permit, and a safety net to ensure everyone getting off the course.   That
is what the sweeps are for.  
Sweeps do not pass runners, including other sweeps.  It is usually a sweep that has to be
help out of the course.  I may split the sweeps between the two times.  I have completed the permit requirements by getting a
certificate of insurance with the U.S. Government as the insured.   New runners and some veteran runners will start at 5:00
AM.  The faster sweeps will start at 6:00 AM and will be turning slower runners that start at 5:00 AM back to the start if it
appears that they don't have a chance of finishing within 12 hours.  Come on people,  I just can't be at the park when the sun
goes down.  The park employees are getting impatient with me.  
Carry a trail light and be prepared to sleep overnight on the course.  This is not a bluff but a reality that you could take a
wrong turn and not finish until the next day.



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